New in our Stone Finder: MARJAN SILVER, a travertine with a unique tone of gray, renowned for its timeless elegance and sophisticated appeal, quarried by Iranian MGT Stone company

Marjan Silver Travertine.Marjan Silver Travertine.

Name of the stone: Marjan Silver Travertine

Stone type: Travertine

Color: Silver

Quarry location: Miandoab, West Azerbaijan Province / Iran

Description of the stone: Marjan Silver Travertine is an exquisite natural stone renowned for its timeless elegance and sophisticated appeal. Characterized by a silver-gray color slab with subtle veining, this luxurious travertine adds a touch of refined beauty to any space: it embodies the essence of sophistication, creating an ambiance of understated luxury in your living spaces.

Marjan Silver Travertine.

Peculiarities of the stone: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Marjan Silver Travertine is characterized by outstanding durability, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. More than this, it offers practicality with ease of maintenance, ensuring its beauty endures with minimal effort.

Application: Any building interior or exterior application including floors, wall cladding, mosaics, columns, staircases, balusters, cornices, cladding of fire places, bathrooms and swimming pools, hand rails, window sills, countertops, statues, fountains, etc.

Finishes: Rough, brushed, polished, honed, antique

Frost resistant:

Company: MGT Stone Co has been one of Iran’s leading natural stone companies since 2004. It is a supplier of the country’s unique marbles, travertines, limestones, and onyx‘ to clients in almost 60 countries in America, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and Far East. MGT’s activity covers all aspects, from quarrying, cutting, processing, and finishing to packing and distributing finished products as well as blocks. We are constantly in search of new stones in Iran’s rich geology and regularly present novelties with outstanding colors and structures.

Contact: Head Office, No. 7, 15th Street, North AmirAbad, Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 21 86195411, +98 21 86195465
Email: Mail
WhatsApp: +989211316951

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Marjan Silver Travertine.