Art: Strata with faults

(February 2011) The web page is most unusual: closed at first, the page opens on a mouse-click like giant gates to a castle accompanied by eerie underworld sounds.

Artist Park Eun-Sun directed his webpage like a play: the mise-en-scène poses questions to which visitors seek an answer – creating the „suspense“ expected of a good script.

The first scene transmits important information which eventually amalgamates to a big picture: in this case, the material in question is clearly defined right from the start: marble. Also the characteristics surrounding Park’s work are presented: faults and strata.

Korean-born Park who lives and works in the Italian town of Pietrasanta near Carrara has a foible for columns and spheres laminated from various types of marble reminiscent of Italian Renaissance Cathedrals like the one in Siena. So much for perfection.

But obvious faults interrupt the arrangements.

Perhaps this is meant to bring us back to our roots and provenance: beautiful as life may be, there will always be a riff at some unseemly moment. Blight and consumption stand close to the everlasting symbolized by the chosen material.

So much for our interpretation. For in-depth interpretations and critique see the webpage of the artist.

Park Eun-Sun

Photos: Park Eun-Sun.