Restoration of the Vildmannen 7 building in Stockholm (2): the facade is characterized by the new interpretations of the Tudor style from England fashionable in the late 19th century

Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.

Our main report describes the restoration of the sandstone ashlars in the facade

Vildmannen 7 was built between 1895 and 1897 and was designed by two architects: Erik Josephson designed the exterior, while Gottfrid Karlsson was responsible for the interior. Josephson took inspiration from contemporary English architecture, which in the late 19th century was influenced by new interpretations of the national romantic Tudor style. The building was decorated with floral ornaments and depictions of birds. Biblioteksgatan’s oak gate was decorated with reliefs representing various crafts. These were produced by prominent sculptor Christian Eriksson.

Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.

Over the years, Vildmannen 7 has undergone a series of reconstructions. The most extensive of those took place between 1935 to 1941. The ground floor shopfront was rebuilt with concrete and moving the windows outwards. Architect Cyrillus Johansson redesigned the facade. On the inside, offices were built facing Biblioteksgatan, while the residential space facing Jakobsbergsgatan was renovated.

Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.

Following the fire in November 2017, architects Stadion Arkitekter was commissioned to design the new building to be erected inside the preserved facade. On the inside, an entirely new building has emerged, with bright, flexible and modern office space and retail premises as well as a number of company apartments.

Part of the modernization were several sustainable systems such as geothermal heating and solar panels. More space has allowed the addition of apartments and offices, while the courtyard has been redesigned and more daylight has been let in with the removal of a wall facing the adjoining property. The entire building receives attractive amounts of daylight through the courtyard’s large glass sections and French balconies.
Biblioteksgatan’s grand entrance motif and the beautiful oak gate have been preserved. Inside, the entrance has a new spectacular spiral staircase, which is beautifully lit by a skylight.

At the new opening on August 23, 2023, Anders Nygren, Hufvudstaden CEO, resumed: “A fire, like the one we suffered at Vildmannen, is a property owner’s worst nightmare. Which is why we’re so pleased and so proud that today, together with colleagues and invited guests, we were able to hold an opening ceremony that marks a fresh start for one of Stockholm’s most culturally and historically important buildings.“

Meanwhile, all the building’s office floors are rented by a law firm and three exclusive brands have moved into the retail premises on the ground floor.

Source: Hufvudstaden

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Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.Vildmannen 7, Stockholm.

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