Design: Bringing the outside in

(September 2012) Some cover the walls in landscape-wallpaper to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Interior designers of One Plus Partnership of Hong Kong chose an alternative method for their realization of a show flat in the Chinese city of Chongqing: using real stone and synthetic materials, a sort of landscape was set up whose elements might be found where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers converge.

E.g.: the breakfast room. The granite table-top with raw edges rests on a granite base. The backdrop is a travertine wall and marble floor.

Since the interior emulates the wide outdoors, there are no room-dividing walls. The dining room is a repetition of most materials used in the breakfast area with the addition of seats emulating haystacks and a cloud-like lamp by the name of „Nuvola” by Italian designer Denis Santachiara, also known for his work in natural stone.

Textile is the main material used in the living area: faux-grass grows up the walls, the seats look like boulders and pebble-mosaic covers parts of the floor.

Something like a tree trunk serves as a table and the felt-covered shelves are reminiscent of a babbling stream.

The stream flows through the entire flat including the hall.

In contrast, the bedroom complete with a bathtub is almost traditional. Otherwise a heard of yaks might stampede through the apartment in a dream.

The project dubbed „Chongqing Forte The Cullinan Show Flat” was awarded the German IF-Design prize.

One Plus Partnership


Photos: Ajax Law Ling Kit