Design: Industrial form and natural material in balance

(September 2012) „Lithos“ is the name of a series of books published by Italian-based Librìa all about design ideas in natural stone with changing designers or architects in the foreground. The books are published under the auspices of the company for which they worked. Thus far books on Kengo Kuma (Il Casone), Claudio Silvestrin (Il Casone), Alberto Campo Baeza (Pibamarmi) and Manuel Aires Mateus (Pibamarmi) have been published.

The 5th in the series is soon to be published in Italian and English. Subject: Designer Raffaello Galiotto and Lithos Design, both from the Valle del Chiampo in Italy.

Numerous photos and drafts are described by author Veronica Dal Buono, who works at Ferrara University’s Laboratory of Material Design. She shows his path from plastic to natural stone and recently to works in wood.

In the publication, author Dal Buono develops the thesis that there is no contradiction between industrial design or mass production and stone where each slab is unique.

On the contrary: some of Galiotto’s works show regular, natural lines industrially applied to contrast with marble veins or pores in limestone.

Galiotto is active in the Italian Organization of Industrial Designers ADI. In a series of interviews with the author, he defines the corner stones of his work whose object is producing every-day products not works of art. He firmly believes that industrial design is a golden opportunity for Europe’s stone industry of the future. „This is … where technology and creativity can make the difference“, he says.

„Raffaello Galiotto. Digital Design and stone materiality“/„Raffaello Galiotto. Design digitale e materialità litica“, Italian and English, 18 €, ISBN 978-88-96067-82-6

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