Design: Geometry meets gastronomy

(October 2012) „Elementare“ is the name of these kitchen utensils. Designers Francesco Taviani, Laura Passalacqua and Jacopo Volpi of Studio Lievito (literally: leavening) in Florence founded in 2010. The name describes the concept behind it: drafts often bring together a number of diverse elements which then combine to form something entirely different. „Elementare“ is all about geometric and gastronomic synergies.

The prism is suitable for slicing vegetables, the cube is a tool to remove scales from fish, the cylinder serves as a rolling pin, the sphere helps grind spices in the wooden indentation which serves as a mortar.

The material, too, is elementary: Bianco Carrara marble produced by Pietre di Rapolano of Florence.

Marble is a highly tactile material and comes with sufficient momentum to emphasize the tool’s implementation. A thick oak cutting board completes the set.

Studio Lievito

Pietre di Rapolano

Photos: Studio Lievito

Accessories round about cooking are provided by Austrian stonemason Franz Reinisch more or less by the way, e.g. a wine cooler made of St. Margarethen limestone.

There is story behind our photo: on the occasion of the anniversary of the mayor of a wine growing village near Reinisch, the municipality wanted to offer a personalized wine cooler as a gift. It was to bear the initials of the mayor, the town crest and a grape vine symbolizing the community.

Recently, Reinisch had a special idea for the firm’s Christmas party: the menu was engraved with an oversized „R“ in Rosa Portugallo marble with a sandstone holder. The place-cards were made of Carrara marble. The challenge was to apply minuscule yet readable engraving to the stone.

Stonemason mastercraftsman Franz Reinisch (German)

Photos: company

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