Design: Craftsmanship, natural stone, mosaic

(January 2013) 5 years ago 2 young Tunisian craftsmen founded a company whose profile goes back thousands of years to the tradition of mosaic as an art form: Mos’Artis combines traditional inspiration and contemporary forms of implementation. The name of the company is a composite of mosaic and art, thus: artistic mosaics.

Take e.g. their tiles with patterns as one might find in oriental rugs.

The company is based in the south of the country, specifically in Sfax, a commercial center where all pieces are produced – craftsmanship is one of the companies distinguishing factors. Another is working with „the noble material: natural stone“, according to a company communication.

A team of 25 work in the draft and design department. This is where clients see their ideas come to life, like the décor on a mailbox.

The company’s founders are Mohamed Trabelsi and Abdel Ben Gasdallah, both in their mid-30s’. Trabelsi was born in Germany and graduated in applied arts in Tunisia before working in mosaic and natural stone design for a decade. Gasdallah was born in Tunisia and worked as a commercial agent for the past 15 years.

Below some products from their new collection „3D-Mosaics“.


Photos: Peter Becker / Mos’Artis