Scandola Marmi: household items in natural stone

Designer Manuel Barbieri’s natural stone tile collection designed for Italian Scandola Marmi Company is quite an eye-catcher. An unusual geometric pattern distinguishes the „Profile“ line: the basic element is a hexagon composed of a light and a dark segment in mirror image. The elements seem almost interlocked – an effect reinforced by the color contrast.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Boomerang“.

„Boomerang“ is no less auspicious.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Pochette“.

„Pochette“ also attracts looks down to the floor. The manufacturer has a number of stone types to choose from.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Bamboo“.

Barbieri has dedicated his work to developing household items in natural stone. „Bamboo Collection“ is a set of 3 vases 20, 40 and 60 cm high respectively. The base is made of Marmo Nero Marquina whereas the body of the vase is made of Bianco Carrara. The top end is particularly notable what with its 45° slant.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Maya“.

„Maya“ is a collection of bathroom accessories comprising a soap dispenser, soap dish and a cup for tooth brushes. The design is minimalistic and stringent with the small but decisive particularity that one side is cut at a slant. The design is somehow reminiscent of Mayan Temples, hence the name.

Manuel Barbieri, Scandola Marmi: „Music Building“.

„Music Building“ was inspired by the Milan Cathedral – or at least its shape – and serves as a stand for anything from CD’s to door stops and book-ends.
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Scandola Marmi

Manuel Barbieri

Photos: Scandola Marmi

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