Carrara marble region: a skaters‘ park made of natural stone offal

Pietrasanta, bordering on Carrara, which is world renowned for stone sculptors, has set up a skaters’ park in which the ramps are made of marble but at moderate cost. The material implemented was offal from artists’ ateliers.

„Skate Plaza“ Pietrasanta.

Seen from the point of view of the user, one might be prompted to ask: is natural stone suitable for skaters’ ramps? Simone Verona, editor of the website, answered our question this way: „Marble is hard, smooth and beautiful, these are the main qualities that make it so nice for skateboarders!“

„Skate Plaza“ Pietrasanta.

Simone himself originates from Pietrasanta and knows all about the offal products, in which skaters might easily see ramps. His friend, Marco Morigi, designer of skaters’ ramps and active member of the Commissione Skateboard Italia, was entrusted with the planning of the „Skate Plaza“.

„Skate Plaza“ Pietrasanta.

Artist Nicolas Bertoux of Artco Srl, who together with his colleague Cynthia Sah specializes in monumental sculptures, was thrilled at the idea.

„Skate Plaza“ Pietrasanta.

In cooperation with Artco SRL, Blitz Graniti SNC, Henraux Spa, Gabrielli Guiseppe and F.lli Galeotti Companies supplied the material.

The noble skaters’ park has since opened to the public situated in Viale Marconi, not far from the city center and the railway station, which, by the way, is clad entirely in local marble.

And what’s more, anyone who finds this implementation of marble too profane is welcome to see a sculpture park in the „Skate Plaza“.

Simone Verona, 4skateboard


Blitz Graniti Snc

Henraux Spa

Gabrielli Giuseppe

F.lli Galeotti (Mail)

„Skate Plaza“ Pietrasanta.„Skate Plaza“ Pietrasanta.See also:





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