Focus: „Communication inside and out“

Euroroc, the umbrella organization of the European natural stone trade organizations voted for Tobias Eckardt of the Swiss Natural Stone Trade Organization (NVS) as its president for the next two years at Marmomacc. He is CEO of Eckardt Natursteine AG with headquarters in Volkeswil-Hegnau near Zurich. Peter Becker of interviewed him. What are your main topics of interest which you plan to address during your presidency?

Tobias Eckardt: Communication is one of the main points of focus. With this I mean communication within: Euroroc should be more present for its companies in the national trade organizations, not merely in the organizations themselves. Our Swiss organization is currently working on a concept to enable improved communication with the aid of social networks. The exciting question is, which one of the four platforms is the right one for our purpose and how can we promote dialog. Here the feeling of togetherness is of utmost importance. But the natural stone branch already enjoys a sense of togetherness.

Tobias Eckardt: What I mean is that we as members of Euroroc need to promote respect and tolerance in dealing with one another. Often our sole view is directed toward national interests of those of our own firms. Together we could reach so much more. I see the challenge for myself in showing how togetherness can profit individuals. It’s always about profit. That’s the inward communication. But in the stone branch focus is usually directed upon communication directed to the outside, i.e. on marketing.

Tobias Eckardt: Euroroc has but marginal financial means. So marketing is not a major theme for us. But if we actually focus on social networks we should ask ourselves if the media is not also suitable for outwardly directed communication. Architects as well as investors should drop by on occasion, ideally to participate in a technical dialog. This way, visitors would have a noticeable and tangible profit: ergo best marketing.

Eckardt Natursteine AG

(18.12.2014, USA: 12.18.2014)