Conveyor belts for marble and granite with heavy loads

Conveyor belts (green) do not only transport, but als have to secure the item.

At Marmomacc, Swiss-based producer Habasit will have its booth in Hall 5, stand B6

Habasit, well-known manufacturer of conveyor belts for the marble and stone processing, will have its booth at Marmomacc 2016 in Hall 5, B6. The Swiss based company will show different cover hardness and various top surface structure profiles designed for outstanding adhesion of the conveyed product on the top surface.

High abrasion resistant PVC at the top surface provides less cuts on the belt and allows a long product life. Additional advantages are high and homogenous lateral stiffness, low coefficient of friction of the running side with the slider bed that provides smooth belt running, no vibration generation and perfect conveying of the slabs.

One focus at the trade fair will be on belts for granite processing. Habasit provides here two products: NAS-40EHAV-S2 (3 plies double row saw toothed) and NAS-50EHAV-S2 (4 plies double row saw toothed).

They are especially designed for the granite slabs polishing process. The reverse saw tooth profile together with the top surface PVC hardness of 55 Shore allows a perfect adhesion of the material onto the belt as well as with irregular material surface (thickness and flatness).

Conveyor belts (yellow) in action. Photos: Habasit

This specific surface profile and structure guarantees a perfect slab stability, avoids rotation and movement after first measuring. The belt structure (strong 3 or 4 plies) allows use on polishing machines with calibrators and long interaxis machine design at high running speed.

In Verona Habasit puts another focus on the process creating engineered stone consists in the pressing of resins and natural powders till slabs or blocks are created. The belt PNB-12EVTO (2 plies, smooth TPO) is designed for this application. The belt flatness, high resistance to all cleaning agents and high release properties guarantee performant conveying of the powder or the resins up to the press.

Habasit, headquartered in Switzerland, has over 40 affiliated companies, more than 70 representatives, and numerous service centers around the globe, ensuring excellent proximity to its customers. In the family-owned joint stock corporation, established in 1946, more than 3,700 employees achieved a turnover of CHF 607 million in 2015.

Habasit, AG, Reinach BL, Switzerland

Source: Habasit

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