Gabions light: only one steel grid needed to keep a stack of stones in place next to a wall


Italian Zanettin Company shows a light version of a steel gabion mesh with light stone filling

Gabions are sometimes set in front of buildings to lend a rugged appearance. A light version of this art of façade cladding has now been presented by Zanettin Company at Marmomacc 2016: no longer is a full mesh basket set in front of a wall. The light version provides for only half the basket.

The mesh is anchored to the wall behind and the space between simply filled with chunks of rock.


Not only does this save metal but stone as well. As a rule two layers of stone ensure that the wall behind remains hidden from view.

The method also provides design alternatives, allowing for straight walls to be pepped up with a curvy stone gabion front. Uneven or unsightly façades can also be concealed behind the gabion.

The new cladding can be installed to a height of 4 m, as we learned from CEO Stefano Zanettin – the maximum height for self-supporting gabion façades.


And another innovation by Zanettin: stainless steel mesh mimes a double helix DNA shape, which – almost unbelievable – can be filled with stone.

Last year’s innovation: gabion company logos. (evma)


Photos: Zanettin / Peter Becker


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(06.11.2016; USA: 11.06.2016)