Best of 2016: Architecture with natural stone

The Stonemasonry Company, Webb Yates Engineers: Stairwell in natural stone with a 320° twist.

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Photo above: Stairwell in natural stone with a 320° twist. The Stonemasonry Company, based in Great Britain, deploys taught steel ropes for the construction of its spiral stairwell. More

Giuseppe Fallacara: „Hypargate Vela“.
Modern construction in natural stone: an elegant saddle-shaped roofed entrance. Bari Politecnico’s Giuseppe Fallacara used tensioned steel bars to fasten the hovering hypar structure. More

Armadillo Vault.
The Armadillo Vault at this year’s Venice Biennale: hovering stone puzzle comprising 399 elements and a mass of 24 t. The vault is self-supporting weighed down by its own mass constructed using ancient building methods / calculation and realization according to state-of-the-art methods. More

OOIIO Architecture: Casa R+.
Sandstone and travertine in a house meant to set itself apart from its surroundings. With Casa R+ architects of OOIIO have conjured „a mineral“, which passers-by will encounter by coincidence. More

Kengo Kuma and Associates: Yunfeng Spa Resort.
Kengo Kuma: Pixel pattern made of local stone on rooftops, walls and central paths. Japanese architect chose to demonstrate the power of the Earth based on the Yunfeng Spa Resort project located in an active earthquake zone on China’s Southwestern Region. More

Zýmē Winery.
Zýmē Winery: wine leaves and the company logo mirrored in natural stone pentagons. Italian producer of the famous Amarone red wine commissioned architects to design a building for the branding of the company. More

Norwegian slate chimneys.
Norwegian slate chimneys: smoke signals for aesthetics and style. Detail in design even of a roof reveals a great deal about the home dwellers. More

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