Bangkok’s „Marble House“: ceramic tiles on the façade emulate the namesake

Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.

Openbox Architects use many terms characteristic of natural stone in describing their building

For some time now we have been pointing out how perfectly the ceramics industry has been emulating particular types of natural stone. Recently our attention was drawn to an example of how architects have joined the ranks of those setting originals and their copies on equal footing: the case in point refers to Bangkok’s „Marble House“.

The façade on the exterior of the building and most of the interior walls are clad in large dimension ceramic emulations of marble provided by Boonthavorn World Ceramic Center.

The very name leaves no room for mistakes: marble is the building’s namesake. Not unusual: he who has marble, speaks of it.

Some terms describing „Marble House“ are taken directly from the world of sculpting in stone, e.g. when Openbox Studio’s architects write: „The initial idea is to allow habitant’s behavior to carve a dwelling space into a monolithic piece of marble sculpture.“

Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.

Then a parallel is drawn in pointing out that marble is a product of nature. The square elements at the edge of the terrace are also clad in ceramic tiles and are meant to bridge the gap between the building, man, and the surrounding landscape: „Residual marble pieces fell onto the ground to become part of the landscape features, isolated, yet visually related so boldly, as they use to be part of the marble boulder.“

It is a well-known fact that marble has very good insulating properties. This fact, too, finds its way to the architects’ description of the project: „As an external finish applied over a layer of internal brick wall, it also acts as weather cladding, shielding the house from direct sunlight, and external heat of Bangkok summer, and therefore help to cool down the interior during the day.“

Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.

And finally a word on the architecture itself as seen by the architects: one particularity is, among others, the „private balconies“. „Pockets of enclosed open terraces create privacy“.

The garden allows ventilation to reach all areas. „Bamboo in the center courtyard moves and sways to create the presence of the wind.“

The architects conclude: „The play of materials, space and forms flows seamlessly inside-out, and outside-in making strong connections between architecture, landscape and interior.“

Openbox Architects

Photos: Wison Tungthunya

Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.Openbox Architects: „Marble House“.

(24.08.2017, USA: 08.24.2017)