Natural Stone Design from Valencia: Macael Marble „XS“ as opposed to „XL“

„Atenea“ by Isabel Rojo Olivares: resting space e.g.: for a book.

CEU Cardenal Herrera University students develop ideas in white Macael Marble for household use or for restaurants

„XS“ as opposed to „XL“ is the name of a collection by students of Valencia-based CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Swimming against the stream of the usual large-surfaced use of stone slabs on façades, they reduced the use of the material to minimalist proportions for household use.

„NOU+U“, a collective of 2016/17 graduate students put Almerian Macael Marble to good use. The work was realized by Sucofade company based in La Pobla del Duc in proximity of Valencia.

So far, so good. Because of the collective’s name „NOU+U“ (pronounced noumesu) we needed to back step. It is Catalonian in origin and mean as much as „9 plus 1“ reminding us that the group comprises 10 members.

Fotos: Nou+U

Marble lamp „Giro“, by Juan Carlos Fanes López. Photo: Peter BeckerCandle holder „Atriu“, which collects dripped wax on the back side, by Javier Boscá Alabort. Photos: Nou+U / Peter BeckerKitchen helper „Raw“ by Albert Navarro.Jewelry box „Chiuso“, by Victor Segarra Melitón.Fruit bowl „Marmara“, by Juan Aznar Cases, used as a whole or in parts. The parts bear the surfaces of some fruit.„Aire, office organizer, by Cristina Hernándes Alonso.Kitchen helper „Grounded“ for grinding pepper e.g., by Linar Martín Angueza.„Malate“, made for melting chocolate Mayan style, by Juan Carlos Fanes López. Photos: Nou+U / Peter Becker„Pondus“: Kitchen helper cum press, by Carlos García Rodríguez.„Moa“, Kitchen tool, by Clara Díaz Pan Juan Carlos Fanes López.NOU+U.

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