Briefly noted

Photo from US-Designer Kelly Wearstler's webpage.Many household items made of natural stone can be found on Designer Kelly Wearstler’s webpage. Exclusive: marble doggy dishes at 395 US-$.

Encyclopedia Britannica tells of a marble block used by Michelangelo to sculpt his statue of David.

Stonemasonry in Myanmar is the topic of a webpage.

MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute has as one of its next aims to be approved for a „Check-off program“ which would generate funding.

Sanctions against North Korea are worrying Chinese businesspeople who have invested in marble and granite mining there, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports. RFA is a US-financed broadcasting network.

The dark biofilm on Jefferson Memorial’s stone dome may be removed, tests of a process called laser ablation by the US-National Park Service showed.

GeoNews is the name the European Federation of Geologists gives its news page.

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim. Photo: stevecadman / Wikimedia CommonsNidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway may have been built with soapstone originating from the Bakkaunet underground quarry. That type of stone production had been well-known since Egyptian times, and geoarchaeologist Peter Storemyr and colleague Tom Heldal, together with other specialists, discuss the topic in a study published in the University of Bergen Archaeological Series. The remains of the medivial underground halls or galleries as well as the open-cast part of Nidaros quarry were destroyed by construction during the last centuries.

A report about the Tengenenge sculpture community in Zimbabwe has been published in The Herald.

Chinese Marble is used for a new floor in the Oklahoma State capitol, citizens criticize.

New Webpage: Niksang Arts, India (1, 2).

Sandstone wallpaper in a 3D quartz sand coating by German Joka Company.

Video of the Month: a 1935 motion picture shows quarry works using railroad tracks to travel home after work.

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