Design: Godfather Mauritius C. Escher

(June 2008) Perhaps Mauritius C. Escher was godfather to the mosaic-creations by the Brazilian Company Mosarte presented at the Revestir trade fair in São Paulo in March 2008. E.g. Prisma Branco: The tiles depicted combine Carrara and Thassos marble with glass – reminiscent of Escher’s Staircase. The tiles are 24,8 by 25,9 cm.

Distinquishing factor of Mosarte’s designers has long been the interplay of various materials. Recently they have begun to grow in the diversity of forms : Fluxos P&B is one example, Sonoras Ferrugem another. Fluxos combines white and black marble, Sonoras polished slate with glass.

All models are also availabe in a wide variety of other natural stone.


M.C. Escher (1, 2)