DIVA museum tells the stories of the diamond trade in Antwerp

Photo: Louise Mertens.

Shown are authentic diamond, jewelry and silver objects while stories of luxury, emotions and crime are told

The Belgian city of Antwerp has a new highlight: DIVA is the name of a museum illustrating the story of the jewelry business there – the „BrillAntwerp Story“ as said in a press release.

„DIVA paints a refreshing picture of craftsmanship and history by means of authentic diamond, jewelry and silver objects. Fascinating stories, intense emotions and impressive sets are her trademark.“

Peacock Brooch. Photo: WhiteLight

The stories will e.g. bring back to life 14 chefs-d’oeuvres from the collection, including the owl cup and the peacock brooch.

DIVA: strongroom. Rendering: Carla Janssen Hofelt

One of the 6 rooms in the former folklore and ethnographic museums on the Suikerrui and Gildekamersstraat is called the ,Wunderkammer’, a contemporary interpretation of a cabinet of curiosities, exuding luxury and exoticism. Other rooms are The Atelier, The International Trading Room, The Dining Room not to forget The Boudoir and finally the Vault, a strongroom where the stories of Diamond Crimes are told.

The museum also comprises the entrance hall with ticket sales, entrance hall, the museum shop, the high-end jeweller’s and the multi-purpose spaces on +1 and +2. A library on the top floors is in the planning.

Vlaams Hart (Flemish Heart) Photo: Dominique Provost

DIVA was made possible thanks to the support of the Province of Antwerp, the City of Antwerp, Visit Flanders, Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Umicore, AWDC
(Antwerp World Diamond Centre) and De Standaard.

It is open every day from 10 to 18 hrs, with the exception of Wednesdays. Admission for kids under 12 is free. Important note: Visitors have to reserve a time slot. Booking may be done via internet.

DIVA, Antwerp

Art Nouveau Comb. Photo: Donald Woodrow

(09.06.2018, USA: 06.09.2018)