PIERRE DE WAIMES, a sandstone from the North-Eastern Ardennes in Belgium

Sandstone Pierre de Waimes.

Name of the stone: Pierre de Waimes (Stone of Waimes)

Type of stone: Grès d’Arkose, (Arkose Sandstone, enriched with feldspar)

Quarry location: Warchenne, North-Eastern Ardennes, province of Liège, Belgium

Peculiarities of the stone: quartz 70-80 %, feldspar 6-15 %, mica and ferruginous minerals

Outside: rubble stone, cornerstone
Inside: interior decoration

Surfaces: split, half trimmed, retouched

Pierre de Waimes, Route de Luxembourg 16, 4960 Malmedy, Belgium,
Phone +32 80 99123, Fax: 080/339038,

Technical data: http://www.pierresetmarbres.be/pierre-de-waimes/?L=3

Sandstone Pierre de Waimes.Sandstone Pierre de Waimes.Sandstone Pierre de Waimes.