Now China’s stone sector is under pressure due to alleged Radon gas and radiation from granite

Floor plan of Xiamen Stone Fair 2019.

A press conference and a lecture at the World Stone Congress in Xiamen will give the public reliable information

Around 2013, emission of Radon gas and radiation was a big topic in the US. Meanwhile, the case has arrived in China so that the country’s stone association sees the necessity to fight against such rumors. At the World Stone Congress during Xiamen Stone fair, the China Stone Material Association will have a press conference with the title „Squash the Rumor of Radiation in Stone“ (on March 06, 2019, at 13 o’clock in Hall B2 VIP 3). At 14 o’clock Hans-Dieter Hensel from Hensel Geosciences, Australia will give a one-hour lecture titled „Radiation and Radon in Natural Stone – Setting the Record Straight“.

Basic Information about the topic and the story from the US can be found on a webpage of the Natural Stone Institute. Its predecessor, the Marble Institute of America (MIA), had done an outstanding job in fighting the false accusations by scientific finds, supported by funding from several countries from around the world.

The World Stone Congress (WSC) which takes place every year during Xiamen Stone Fair. New in this year is that the venue is Hall B2 on the fairground located at the left-hand side of the main entrance.

Topics reach from „Doing Business in the United States“ or „Green Quarrying“ to „Product Design with Stone“ or „Stone in Architecture“, just to name a few.

The complete program is available on

Part of the Congress is also the New Product Launch (in the basement C3b). New is also the Media Area with international publications (see floor plan).

The „Stone Infinite“ exhibition will take place for the 2nd time (Hall B2). It has its focus on new ideas for the use of stone; furniture is the big topic at the moment among stone designers. This exhibition is unique as it goes beyond natural limits and presents a selection of objects from Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Xiamen Stone Fair, March 06-09, 2019

Latest news: Delis and cafes are provided in the fairground during March 6-9.

Logo of the World Stone Congress.

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