Brazil’s furniture industry discovers natural stone

„Triza” Collection. Design: Gemile Nondillo (Bria Design) for Aziforma, stone works by CJ Mármores.

The FIMMA Trade Fair embraced an initiative for household furniture implementing marble, granite etc for the first time

Product design in natural stone is becoming ever more popular: this year’s Xiamen Stone Fair had its second edition of „Stone Infinite“ (we will report), as well as stone fairs in the Turkish city of Izmir or Brazil’s Vitória all had a special look at everyday items made with naturals stone. Now, new initiatives are appearing from outside the stone branch: FIMMA, a fair for machines, material and accessories for the furniture production industry invited designers to draft furniture using natural stone.

This is important for two reasons: first of all, it provides an opening for the natural stone branch to break into the world of furniture. „Mobstone”, so the title of the presentation, „was meant to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of natural stone“. And, second of all, perhaps most importantly, the search was not for furniture made entirely of stone but rather with stone.

This seemingly small difference means a lot for stone design.

„Meteoro” Collection. Design: Marta Manente (studio Marta Manente) for AMMA Design, stone works by De Carli Mármores.

Previously, stone stood under the guiding light of sculptors – such design works are usually heavy and difficult to sell. During the last ten years, some examples originating from Italian studios could be seen within the framework of Veronafiere’s „Marmomacc Meets Design“ or the „Italian Stone Theatre”.

„Louvre” Collection. Design: Augusto Crespi for Heitor Móveis, stone works by Cammino Pedras.

Yet Mobstone objects make less of a spectacle of the implementation of stone. Function is in the focus and stone is but a part of the furniture – not a disruptive element.

„Harpa“ Collection. Design: Juliana Desconsi for Tremarim, stone works by Micfel.

As a start, the results of Mobstone were remarkable. One may watch with anticipation as the material grows in popularity when the furniture branch will incorporate its use in a big way.

Mobstone was the cooperative product of 4 designers (Gemile Nondillo, Marta Manente, Augusto Crespi, Juliana Desconsi), 4 furniture manufacturers (Aziforma, Amma Design, Heitor Móveis, Tremarin, and), and 4 stonemasons (CJ Mármores e Granitos, De Carli Mármores, Micfel, Cammino Pedras).

Rodrigo Rizzardo of a stonemasonry company is cited in the press-release as expecting a new field of work. Alexandre Bittencourt of De Carli Mármores hopes for innovative products for mass production.

FIMMA took place for the 14th time in Bento Gonçalves in Brazil’s far South state of Rio Grande do Sul.

FIMMA (Feira Internacional de Máquinas, Matérias-Primas e Acessórios para a Indústria Moveleira)

Photos: Carlos Ferrari

Gemile Nondillo.Marta Manente. Photo: stúdio Marta ManenteAugusto Crespi.Juliana Desconsi.

(18.04.2019, USA: 04.18.2019)