Shortlisted works for the 10th edition of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize shown in Barnstaple, North Devon

„Journey“ by Ben Russell.

Participants of the exhibition are 9 UK-based emerging sculptors

Two works in stone are among the 9 shown at the Broomhill Art Hotel Sculpture Park in Barnstaple, North Devon. The artists run for the 10th edition of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize where the winner will receive £3,500 and the work becomes part of the Broomhill Art & Sculpture Foundation’s permanent collection. A Public Speaks Prize is based on the voting of the visitors and means £1,500 in cash for the winner.

Participants of the exhibition are UK-based emerging sculptors. The winners will be announced in October 2019.

The photo on top shows stone artist Ben Russell’s work „Journey“. His sculptures are „inspired by nature and the grown world“, as said on his webpage. „He works in a variety of stones including limestone local to the UK and alabaster, marble and onyx from around the world.“ Portland limestone is the material for „Journey“. It is displayed on a slate base.

„Ode to Boxer“ by Trev Clarke.

Trev (Trevor) Clark is in the contest with „Ode to Boxer“. He works as a sculptor and letter carver. His initial background is in documentary photography. Today, his current work includes memorials, plaques, sundials, signs and sculptural pieces, in slate, stone, granite, wood, bronze, steel and ceramic.

In 1997 Rinus and Aniet van de Sande arrived from the Netherlands to breathe new life into a run-down late-Victorian hotel on the outskirts of Barnstaple, Devon; transforming it into a natural oasis of art and culture. Now boasting a collection of over 300 sculptures in 12 acres of beautiful and wild woodland gardens, and a highly acclaimed award-winning restaurant; Broomhill Art Hotel draws visitors from all over the globe.

Driven by a strong passion for art, Rinus and Aniet began the self-funded Broomhill Art & Sculpture Foundation CIC. The foundation launched the National Sculpture Prize in 2009 with an annual prize fund of £15,000. The sum goes into the prizes plus into a support of £1,000 for each for the shortlisted to realize the work.

Normally there are 10 shortlisted. This year one had pulled out in the last minute.

Broomhill National Sculpture Prize


„The Wild Things Are“ by Jessica Wetherly.„The Alchemy of Light“ by Šárka Darton.„The Crib“ by Karolin Schwab.„Paul“ by Bethany Freer.„The Shadow of the Wind“ by Jinjoon Lee.„Ripple“ by Florence Mytum.„Broomhill Spinning Sculpture“ by Roger Clarke.