„VolareArte“: once more showing monumental stone sculptures by Park Eun Sun in Pisa and Florence

„VolareArte“ 2019.

Presentation at the airports / Dual colors and stone cracks are distinguishing factors

New monumental marble sculptures by Korean sculptor Park Eun Sun can be viewed this year at the entrance to airports in Pisa and Florence. The works were part of the initiative „VolareArte“ which aims to propagate the Italian way of life – namely that art is part of the dolce vita.

The two airport venues are symbolically significant: just as travel is a luxury for everyone today, so, too, shall art be accessible to everyone.

It is Park Eun Sun’s second appearance at VolareArte. This edition is a result of his 20-year-old cooperation with marble producer Henraux situated in the alpine region nearby, where Cervaiole marble is quarried. The company used to be measure of all things regarding sculpting world-wide, for some time.

Park Eun Sun traveled Italy to perfect his artistic skills and finally found a home in the Versilia between Lucca and Massa-Carrara. His works with granite in many colors and marble are shown all over the world.

A museum in Park Eun Sun’s hometown Sian, Korea, is currently being built exclusively to exhibit his works. It is scheduled to be completed in 3 years. Swiss Architect Mario Botta is responsible for planning.

Both Park Eun Sun and Mario Botta have a foible for natural stone and duality of tone. Park Eun Sun always implements layers of various colors, a factor found in Botta’s work as well.

Another distinguishing factor in Park Eun Sun*s works is wide cracks throughout his shapes.

He often works with high pillars – some works at VolareArte are over 10 m high and twisted. But he also likes spheres and cubes – the sphere, to him, is a symbol of purity, infinity, and child-like immaturity, the cube, in contrast, symbolizes decisiveness and maturity.

The works are on exhibit until the end of 2020. These are:
* „Accrescimento Infinita Colonna“, „Duplication II“ and „Colonna Infinita“ at the entrance to Pisa airport’s terminal,
* „Infinite Column II“ at the roundabout in front of the Pisa airport
* „Moderation 50“ in Pisa airport’s railway terminal,
* „Infinite-Continuous Column“ in front of the Florence airport terminal.

Tenax and the Hotel Principe in the city of Forte dei Marmi sponsored the works.


Park Eun Sun

Photos: Henraux

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