New Art Centre in Salisbury shows artworks made of many different materials at the Roche Court Sculpture Park

Roche Court Sculpture Park: Richard Long, „Tame Buzzard Line“ (2001). Photo: New Art Centre“

The centre also comprises a gallery and an educational centre

One of the works on show at the Roche Court Sculpture Park, New Art Centre, Salisbury is Richards Long’s „Tame Buzzard Line“ (2001). It is a line of stones stretched over 35.15 m x 71 cm. The British landscape architect is known for such installations, often also in form of a filled circle.

Long finds his ideas and the material by walking „hundreds of miles through some of the most beautiful wilderness landscapes of the world. He has made walks in Patagonia, Africa, Alaska, Mongolia, and Japan, as well as in his local English landscape“, as said on the Park’s webpage.

Documenting the original look of the works by photographs is part of his art as nature and time changes are even absorbs the installation.

The New Art Centre was founded in 1958 in London and was relocated in 1994 to Roche Court, Wiltshire, a 19th-century house in parkland near Salisbury. It comprises the sculpture park and a gallery with an educational centre. All are open to the public. There are three contemporary buildings in which there is a changing program of exhibitions of artists. All works are for sale.

The webpage gives some information about the Roche Court Educational Trust founded in 2005: „Responding to the educational needs of our audience, we have evolved a variety of opportunities for both teachers and students. Our education programme connects internationally acclaimed artists with teachers and art students and is aimed at encouraging an increasing number of people of every age to enjoy, appreciate and understand the sculpture at Roche Court as part of their cultural heritage.“

Roche Court Sculpture Park, New Art Centre, Salisbury

Richard Long

Kunsthalle Hamburg: Richard Long, „Mountain Circle, Frankfurt“ (1991). Photo: Peter Becker“

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