The list of Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR) grew by 8 to 22 this year

Makrana-Marble used in the Taj Mahal was taken up in the List of Global Heritage Stone Resource in 2019. Photo: Anton Hütz

For the first time stones from Asia, North and South America are represented

The list of – in the future – “Heritage Stones“ is now available on the web page of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)

The list of Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR), let us call it „The Heritage Stones“ for short, grew to 22 this year. These are types of stone that have a sustained special impact for architecture and art beyond the borders of origin and are still being quarried today. One example from the current list is Portugal’s Lioz Limestone used not only all over Portugal but found also in the country’s former colony, Brazil.

Another of the new additions is Makrana Marble better known as the stone of the Taj Mahal. It was the first stone from Asia that found its way to the list. A first Brazilian stone was included in January 2019: Piedra Mar del Plata from Argentina.

North America has two contenders in the list: Jacobsville Standstone was included in January 2019 followed by Tennessee „Marble” in July 2019.

First entries were made in 2017 going back to an initiative of natural stone experts from International Union of Geological Sciences, IUGS. We reported in a previous issue.

Recently the rules for acceptance in the list were revised, as practical application had given food for thought.

Here is a complete list of stone in order of acceptance:

December 2017:
Portland stone (UK)
Petit granite (Belgium)
Larvikite (Norway)
Podpêc limestone (Slovenia)
Hallandia gneiss (Sweden)
Carrara marble (Italy)

February 2018:
Villamayor sandstone (Spain)
Estremoz marble (Portugal)

January 2019:
Maltese Globigerina limestone (Malta)
Jacobsville Sandstone (USA)
Lede stone (Belgium)
Welsh slate (Wales)
Piedra Mar del Plata (Argentina)
Kolmården serpentine marble (Sweden)

July 2019:
Lioz limestone (Portugal)
Alpedrete granite (Spain)
Bath stone (UK)
Macael marble (Spain)
Makrana marble (India)
Pietra serena (Italy)
Rosa Beta granite (Italy)
Tennessee „Marble” (USA)

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