Budri from Italy for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show

Marble „carpet” by Budri.

Recently, the company was awarded EU-funding from the „Slim Project” for the development of ultra-thin marble

Italian Budri company sent us the following press release:

Budri, the acclaimed Italian company renowned the world over as an Haute Couture Atelier for marble and semi-precious stones, has made its debut appearance at the prestigious annual event held in September in the Principality, the Monaco Yacht Show.

From 25th to 28th September 2019 in Port Hercule, Budri presented „AGUA”, the collection designed by Patricia Urquiola. Furnishings and surfaces in marble and onyx, from the world’s most amazing quarries, interpreted the colors of the sea through what is a highly original language for this sector.

A new Venetian blind of exquisite, ultra-slim design, crafted in Bianco Statuario marble, was chosen to elegantly screen private spaces from the lounge area.

Another star attraction at the booth was Lace Screen from the Marblelace collection, an intricate fretwork in Bianco Carrara marble, which contrasted with the marine colors of the ultra-slim Agua carpet, crafted in shades of blue and green onyx and marble.

Marble Lace Screen (left) and marble glasses frame.

Rounding off the display space was a pair of white marble coffee tables with ridged-texture tops, and Algae and Papiro vases characterized by soft, flowing lines.

Budri’s attendance at the show testified to the superb versatility of the company, which for 65 years has specialized in tailor-made luxury characterized by high added value and great technical complexity.

Luxury Residential, Luxury Retail, Contract and Yachting represent the company’s core business.

Thanks to years of research and investment in the innovation sector, the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme awarded Budri funding for „Slim Project”, linked to the development of ultra-thin surfaces in marble, which allow special uses with architecture’s most noble material.

„The oxymoron ,the lightness of weight’ is our recurrent theme. Enhancing marble – a seemingly rigid, austere and barely malleable material – with a light, dynamic effect. We treat it like a precious fabric, abandoning all preconceptions and reservations towards it. It is only through this approach that we can break barriers and enter the soul of the marble, freeing the wonders it contains.”


Monaco Yacht Show, September 23-26, 2020

(17.10.2019, USA: 10.17.2019)