Art: Stone – the negative and the positive

(August 2010) The stone seem almost light-weight when it leaves the atelier of the German artist couple Livia Kubach and Michael Kropp and almost effortless the impression of the transformation of the stone, mostly black granite: sometimes a perforated design, sometimes semi-detached stripes provide a filigree of light and dark.

Sometimes they go beyond and use drill hole core elements in still bigger drill core projects.

Stone bore core rods figure prominently in their work – positive as well as negative core elements, that is cylindrical holes and cylindrical stone rods. One of their pieces, dubbed „Comet“ and made of a fused assembly of bore core rods morph to a heavenly body with incredible dynamic energy.

In their piece „Abandonment of Centre“, bore core rods break through stone a bowl of black granite. The top edge is untouched and was naturally formed by a glacier which slowly gouged its way over the surface millions of years ago.

Livia Kubach is the daughter of the artist couple Kubach-Wilmsen who became famous with their books, letters or newspapers made of stone. Michael Kropp is autodidact.

Both have not only made the lightness or openness of stone their theme. In „Seeing Eyes“ they create a sort of dialogue between the piece and its beholder by polishing part of each boulder, which then seems to observe the observer.

They also lend their stones a voice so to speak. In „Column Islands“ they seem to say: columns carrying a body of stone. Remarkable that their work is realized in various sizes.

Kubach & Kropp

Stone books by Kubach-Wilmsen

Photos: Kubach & Kropp