Italian Tato company has among its new products Ignazio Gardella’s coffee table „Stand” from the the 50s with marble base

„Stand”, 1952, Design Ignazio Gardella.

The brand combines contemporary design and authored re-editions of classics

Italian Tato company sent us the following press release about its New Products for 2020:

TATO continues on its peculiar course, which intersects contemporary design and authored re-editions, with a coherent and versatile collection. The new production, which is a subtle dialogue mirroring the artistic languages of two different periods, is enriched by iconic pieces signed by the great masters of Made in Italy design from the 50s and 60s. Clear examples of this are the „Stand” coffee table by Ignazio Gardella and the „Tre Maniglie” (Three Handles) cart and the „Sella” pouf by Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua. Simultaneously, the collection explores the expressive potential of new pieces created in collaboration with some of the best designers on the contemporary scene, including Lorenza Bozzoli.

„Stand”, 1952, Design Ignazio Gardella.„Stand” side table, 1952, design Ignazio Gardella: The Stand side table, in its various versions, is a clear example of how Ignazio Gardella, by recombining elements from existing products, created pure avant-garde objects. Characterized by a marble base and wooden top, natural or lacquered in different diameters, this piece is completed by a handle which is not only an element of design virtuosity but also of great utility.
STAND SIDE TABLE One-tier 35x35x57cm / 55x55x57cm / 70x70x57cm
STAND SIDE TABLE Two-tier 55x55x82 cm / 70x70x82 cm

„Tre Maniglie”, 1953, Design Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua.„Tre Maniglie” cart, 1953, design Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua: Two-tier rolling cart, combining noble and functional materials to create a highly refined furnishing complement, that relies on the balance between the brass of the handles and the formica laminate of the two round surfaces. The structure is available in brass or chrome.
TRE MANIGLIE CART 60x60x68 h cm

„Sella”, 1961, Design Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua.„Sella” seat, 1961, design Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua
The project derives from the historical archive of architect Corradi Dell’Acqua and includes a trio of small seating solutions with rounded backrests in different heights. Structure and back are in curved wood, covered in fabric or leather.
SADDLE 43×43, three heights 53/63/83 cm

„Icones”, 2020, Design Lorenza Bozzoli.„Icones”, 2020, Design Lorenza Bozzoli.„Icones” lamp, 2020, design Lorenza Bozzoli: The Icones lamp, which was presented at the 2019 Salone del Mobile in its table version, has now been declined in two new versions: floor and suspension. Now forming a real product „family”, characterized by a balanced interplay of finishes, with brass and aluminum structure and white opal plastic lampshade.
ICONES FLOOR LAMP 51x51x165 h cm

The brand: A young brand founded by Filippo Cristina, TATO is internationally known for the classic and contemporary poetics that distinguish its collections of evergreen, cultured and sophisticated lamps and furniture. The rediscovery of timeless languages through careful research conducted in the archives of architects/designers that have generated the success of Made in Italy design, gives rise to iconic pieces and authored editions that seduce due to their duality – as testimonies of the past that are still strongly contemporary.


Photos: Tato

(21.04.2020, USA: 04.21.2020)