Micellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Mikol-Marmi: Ring grips with super-thin stone. Photo: Mikol MarmiRing Grips “so you don’t drop your phone and which are great for a stand as well” is how Mikol Marmi describes its newest product. The company specializes in ideas for the usage of super-thin natural stone.

The Brazilian stone sector should create a brand for its quartzites as other stone types are already marketed under this name, Carlos Rubens Alencar, the founder of the Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair, writes in the blog of the Instituto Brasileiro de Rochas Ornamentais (IBRO) (Portuguese).

The builders of Stonehenge seem to have used Lego-technology of knobs and corresponding holes to secure the heavy lintels on top of the upright stones, photos from bird’s eye view show.

The Natural Stone Specialist magazine gives an evaluation of construction companies in the UK going back to work after shutdown. On a beach in Northumberland, hundreds of pebble towers were built during lockdown (1, 2).

Mysteriously shaped stone balls may have been used by stone-age people to get the marrow out of animal bones, a scientist for Tel Aviv University has found out.

Construction works have just begun at the Schicklerhaus in Berlin. The historical building will have 3 new floors and the natural stone façade will be revised.

Jigsaw puzzle of the moon. Photo: FourpointpuzzlesThe near side of the moon is available as jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces and nearly 70 cm (26.5″) diameter.

Stonegom is the name of a new material for facades or paving. It is a mixture of grains of volcanc rock form France’s Auvergne with recycled pneus with resin as binder. Stonegom is very resistant and permeable to water, accodring to the webpage (French).

Over the past decade, architecture-led boutique hotels with a lot of stone used have become highlights in Portugal’s tourism, a report in Wallpaper magazine tells.

Market researchers from New World Wealth company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, analyzed the economic impacts of Covid-19 and say that global private wealth levels have dropped by around 15% in the first quarter of 2020 (in US-$ terms). The drop has been driven by declining global stock market returns and a weakening of most major currencies against the US-$.

Spanish Tino company writes on its webpage that „marble with large veins is a trend.”

Over 4 million objects, many of them made of stone, can be visited virtually in the Collection Online of the British Museum.

“Nature|Site|Restraint” is a book about the well-known Swedish landscape architect Thorbjörn Andersson. Social use and careful design are his key issues. Natural stone plays an important role in his works.

SuperYacht Times is a magazine full of information about those ships for the really rich.

Video of the month: how do crystals grow?

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