The Sculpture School in Peccia in the Swiss Ticino is ready to receive new applications for its courses in the coming months

The Sculpture School in Peccia. Photo: School

The Corona-Crowdfunding “Helping Hands for Peccia” was an extraordinary success

Registration will soon be possible for the summer courses of the Sculpture School in Peccia in the Swiss Ticino. The classes start – according to the current state of affairs – on June 08th with arrival and overnight stay one day before. As usual, a wide range of courses is on offer: training for beginners such as the “Stone sculpting taster week” or “Stone work basics – basic skills in stone crafting”, as well as special topics such as “Rotation” or “Resculpting” for advanced sculptors.

The Scuola di Scultura of Peccia in the upper Maggia Valley in the picturesque Ticino Alps was founded in 1984. Languages are besides German also English and Italian – and whatever else the students may speak as today, the initiators Almute Großmann-Naef and Alex Naef welcome guests from all over the world.

The central topic is sculpting with marble. Besides, there are also courses on wood and metal as well as lessons on nude drawing, nude modeling and more.

In holiday workshops or extra-occupational training, interested parties can obtain recognized certificates. Artists from Switzerland and from abroad are in charge of the courses.

This year, due to the corona crisis and the months of closure, Almute and Alex Naef have set up a crowdfunding scheme under the title “Helping Hands for Peccia”. The success was impressive, and the campaign is still running.

The 5 studios for artists and the building for exhibitions of the Centro Internazionale di Scultura. Photo: CIS / Thierry Burgherr

The latest major project of the initiators is the International Centre for Sculpture (Centro Internazionale di Scultura), a place of encounter for sculptors from all over the world and for anyone interested in 3-dimensional art. Organizing body is the non-profit foundation Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura.

The Centre comprises a large building for exhibitions and conferences and for activities, as well as 5 studios for artists. It also includes a modern work area.

Each year the studios will be advertised internationally and will be offered to selected artists in the form of grants. The work area and conference building are places of work and live-action at the same time.

Scuola di Scultura, Peccia

“Helping hands for Peccia” (German)

Centro Internazionale di Scultura


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