Emmanuel Babled: Exceptional shapes for furniture in which natural stone plays an important role

Emmanuel Babled: “Etnastone“ coffee table.

The Portuguese designer combines striking design ideas with the art of the craftsmen / Available only as Limited Edition

In 2014, we presented the “Osmosi“ collection by Portuguese designer Emmanuel Babled – it was high time to ask him again what has happened to him since then. Of course, the use of natural stone is our main focus, as usual at Stone-Ideas.com.

In 2015 Babled came out with the first tables of the “Etnastone“ collection. For the tops and legs of the furniture he used lava from the Sicilian volcano. The top is made of several parts whose surfaces are coated with enamel. There are about 40 colors, and various sizes and designs.

Emmanuel Babled: “Etnastone“.Emmanuel Babled: “Etnastone Guéridon“ table.

As usual, Babled has brought together a special material with a special craftsmanship from a European region, here: Made a Mano, an Italian brand based in Copenhagen. Also as usual with his collections, the furniture is only available in limited quantities as Limited Edition.

Emmanuel Babled: “Stepp“ table.Emmanuel Babled: “Stepp“ table. Detail: front view.

The following year, he came out with the table called “Stepp”, created in cooperation with the Italian company Testi Group. The top is made of Carrara Statuario marble, the legs are granite. The total weight is 400 kg. In the video on the webpage you can see the steel structure that brings the top and legs together to give the furniture its particular shape. As you can guess by the name, this is an imitation of progress – Babled himself speaks on his homepage of a “playful and innovative design vision”. Video https://www.babled.net/bablededitions/furniture/stepp/

Emmanuel Babled: “Den Chair”.

In 2017 it was a revolving lounge chair again in white marble, this time with a base in pink Portuguese stone. “Den Chair” was the name for this extraordinary piece of furniture, whose shape is reminiscent of a shell and allows numerous seating positions. Babled took up the basic idea of this piece of furniture again the following year.

Emmanuel Babled: “Jangada”.

In “Jangada” the marble of the shell is replaced by leather.

Emmanuel Babled: “Supernova”.

In 2018, Babled continued to pursue the idea of spectacular thin stone shapes for lamps. “Supernova” is the name of his hanging lamp made of white marble: It weighs 30 kg with a diameter of just under 1 m and a height of 36 cm. The natural stone is milled down to a thickness of only 3 mm.

Emmanuel Babled


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