Best of 2021: product design with natural stone

Elisa Ossino for Salvatori: „Proiezioni“.

The editors of have compiled the 5 reports that got the most clicks during last year. We show them in the order in which they appeared

(Photo above) In the collection “Proiezioni“ (Projections), the designer Elisa Ossino brings light and shadow to marble tables. For maximum contrast between light and dark, the company Salvatori provides the precision of its inlays, where absolutely no joints are visible

MEDMAR x DONGSHENG x KUILONG. Designer: LI LIJUN.Xiamen Stone Fair in May 2021, under the title of “Stone Infinite“ for the 3rd time, was dedicated to the search for new ideas for natural stone. Products were presented, among other things, from furniture design, art and small items for everyday life of which many were functional

Budri and Maarten De Ceulaer: „Pantheon Square“. Budri and Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer: “Pantheon“ collection of 4 tables inspired by the flooring in the ancient basilica in Rome. The way the inlays are inserted into the tabletops is an homage to the mastery of Italian marble craftsmen

David Pompa: “Ambra“ collection. David Pompa: lamps of the “Ambra“ collection with Cantera lava stone and brushed copper. The Mexican-Austrian designer uses the natural stones of the country and incorporates the art of local craftsmen

Bonny the beaver. Sturgeon stones weighing tons create habitats for animals and plants in the riverbed of the Wupper in Germany. Elephant Tuffi, beaver Bonny and salmon Lucky made by sculptors are intended to slow down the flow of the watercourse and be points of attraction for people

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