The New Era Coffee & Bar in Schwabing aims to bring together the modern image of the new coffee brand and the lifestyle in an artists’ quarter

Ippolito Fleitz: the New Era Coffee & Bar, Schwabing.

The interior designers of the Ippolito Fleitz Group have also used natural stone for this purpose, but only as a special accent in the design

Schwabing is a well-known neighborhood in Munich, Germany where visitors can experience the mix of Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit“ and the lifestyle of artists. At least, that is what tour operators promise. The interior designers of the Ippolito Fleitz Group now had the task of transferring this atmosphere into the New Era Coffee & Bar. The choice of materials is correspondingly diverse and the interior design lively.

Ippolito Fleitz: the New Era Coffee & Bar, Schwabing.

Natural stone is present, but it only gives an accent in the environment, not as pavement on the floor but on two walls – inverted artist’s world, so to speak, where everything is possible.

Ippolito Fleitz: the New Era Coffee & Bar, Schwabing.Ippolito Fleitz: the New Era Coffee & Bar, Schwabing.

The stone has a particularly striking effect in the elevated seating area. From here, guests have a view of the entire room without appearing themselves.

The entire space is designed along the lines of see-and-be-seen: there are no partitions, yet visually well-defined zones where visitors congregate.

The large ceiling-to-floor windows allow passers to glimpse the goings-on inside. “During the day, the focus is on the ‘warmth’ of the coffee during the day, in the evening, the mood shifts to the ‘coolness’ of a stylish drink,” as said in the press release.

Of course, only coffee beans from organic farmers and specially selected roasters are used. Because the New Era Coffee brand has proclaimed a “new era of enjoyment.“ This is also reflected in the plants that the interior designers have placed in the space.

The brand started with mobile coffee bars at festivals and street parties. Founded in 2015 as a “small Coldbrew Coffee start-up,“ as it says on its webpage, it now seems to have developed the ambition to reinvent the old tradition of coffee houses.

The natural stone is 6.5 m² Kirchheimer Muschelkalk brushed.

Worth mentioning the project for the editorship of therefore, because stone is used here not – as usually – serving, thus on the soil or at the walls as basic tone for an elegant appearance, but independently as an accent in the interior design.

In this way, the material here bridges the gap between its use as a building material and its use as a material for art.

New Era Coffee

Ippolito Fleitz Group

Photos: Andreas J. Focke

(22.03.2022, USA: 03.22.2022)