BLACK MARBLE OF CALATORAO (Mármol Negro de Calatorao) from Spanish Gramablack company has an intense and deep dark tone

Black Marble of Colatorao: polished.

Name of the stone: Black Marble of Calatorao (Mármol Negro de Calatorao)

Stone type: marbled limestone from the Jurassic period (more than 170 million years old).

Color: It is gray in its natural sawn state, but polishing gives it the black tone with striking intensity. Its color, the slightly veined texture and the singular presence of fossils make Calatorao stone a beautiful product in itself, capable of conferring distinction and elegance to all types of projects.

Quarry location: In the Dehesa Boyal del Romeral, in the town of Calatorao, Zaragoza, Spain. The quarry is an open-pit with mining reserves of more than 2,000,000 m³.

Description of the stone: Its excellent degree of crystallization and its unique tones make it a unique stone both for its aesthetic properties and for its strength and durability. The intense black color is only tinged by fine white veins that give it strong sobriety and elegance.

Peculiarities of the Stone:
– The technical properties of the stone endow it with great hardness, durability and stability in the physical and aesthetic properties regardless of the climatic conditions to which it is subjected.
– The low surface porosity and the great interior compactness make it highly resistant to frost, a property that justifies its habitual use in exterior areas even both in pavements and in building cladding, in high mountain regions.
– The composition and petrographic nature of Calatorao stone provide our products with an optimal behavior in the face of possible extreme weather alternations. Each piece maintains the durability of its technical properties over time and is highly resistant to aging.
– It is highly resistant to lichen, fungi and mold, due to its high degree of crystallization, which simplifies cleaning and minimizes maintenance costs associated with ensuring its durability.

Black Marble of Colatorao.

– The properties mentioned above allow the Gramablack product range to be very wide and versatile in use. In addition, the variety in the offer of finishes, geometries and products give flexibility to the designs, providing a touch of distinction and quality to the projects.
Urban design: adoquin, caz/rigola, curbstone, slabs.
Architecture: tiles, tiling, stairs, window sills, lintels…
Product design: washbasins, bathtubs, sinks, countertops, etc.
Funiture: benches, fountains, bollards, tree surroundings…

Finishes: Rustic natural, bush-hammered, flamed, sandblasted, sawn, aged, honed, polished

Frost resistant: Yes
– Frost resistance (Technological test with flexion – 56 cycles) UNE-EN 12371:2011 Result: 18,16 Mpa (-19,0%)
– Frost resistance (Technological test with compression – 56 cycles) UNE-EN 12371:2011 Result: 119.2 Mpa (-27.2%)

Black Marble of Colatorao.Black Marble of Colatorao.

Company: GRAMABLACK has mining reserves of more than 2,000,000 m³. Our mines are open-pit mines and their origins are recorded in documents dating back to the 15th century. Since then, the use and exploitation of these quarries have remained open thanks to the important work of the master stonemasons of Calatorao who transmitted their knowledge of work, elaboration and transformation of the stone from generation to generation.
Our production capacity has increased a lot since our origins, but we still count on the help of professional stonemasons who keep alive that affection and the traditional good work, and who contribute that touch of distinction and exclusivity to the handcrafted pieces of our series.


Contact: GRAMABLACK, S.L, C.I.F: 50.638.154, Camino de la Harinera s/n., C.P: 50.280, Calatorao (Zaragoza)
Tel +34 976 607 195

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Black Marble of Colatorao.