BELGIAN BLACK MARBLE OF GOLZINNE with a velvet appearance in perfect color uniformity, from an underground quarry in Wallonia, extracted by Merbres-Sprimont company

Belgian Black Marble of Golzinne: polished.Belgian Black Marble of Golzinne: unpolished.

Name of the stone: Black Marble of Golzinne (also: Belgian Black, Fine Black, Mazy Black, Nero Belgio)

Stone type: limestone with very fine grains

Color: deep black (shortly after being quarried or permanent after polishing) or gray (when unpolished)

Quarry location: underground quarry in about 70 m depth in Merbres-le Château, Namur region, Wallonia

Belgian Black Marble of Golzinne.

Description of the stone: mainly composed of calcite with a homogenous structure, the polished stone has a velvet-black appearance in perfect color uniformity.

Peculiarities of the Stone: outdoor, the Golzinne marble is mainly used as rubble stone because there, its upper layer develops a bright gray patina.

Application: mainly in interior architecture for floor and wall tiles, window sills, vertical cladding, steps, mantelpieces, fine sculpture

Finishes: primarily polished and honed

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Merbres-Sprimont SA, founded in 1779, has a wide range of stones from own quarries like the Rouge Royal, and Gris des Ardennes (Doré and Saint Edouard). Over centuries, these stones have been used in architecture in Europe and throughout the world.

Contact: Merbres-Sprimont SA, 20, Rue des Usines, B-6567 Merbes-le-Château (La Buissière)
Tel: + 32 (0)71 55 59 61

Technical Data

Merbres-Sprimont’s underground quarry in Merbres-le Château.Merbres-Sprimont’s underground quarry in Merbres-le Château.Merbres-Sprimont’s underground quarry in Merbres-le Château.