New in our Stone Finder: ROSSO MANTEGNA, a marble carrying the all warmth of the red color and an expression of richness, quarried by Pietro Zanella company located in the city of Soave

Rosso Mantegna marble, polished.Name of the stone: Rosso Mantegna

Stone type: marble

Color: red, with veins or dots of clear white

Quarry location: …

Description of the stone: the Rosso Mantegna marble has a distinctive red tone which carries the warmth of a sunny day. The dots and veins in clear white give it a timeless elegance.

Peculiarities of the Stone: it has been quarried since Roman times and used in many villas or official buildings due to its expression of nobility, richness, and style.

Rosso Mantegna marble, brushed ????.Rosso Mantegna marble, hydro.

Application: inside an outside

Finishes: polished, leather, brushed, honed, hydro

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Piero Zanella company, founded in 19??, processes marble in a family tradition of passion for the material and skill in the work. Today, it uses high-technology equipment to meet the demands for highest the quality standards.

Contact: Piero Zanella, Viale dell’Industria, 13, 37038 Soave (VR) – Italy
Tel: (+39) 045 7610230
Fax: (+39) 045 7613487

Technical Data:

Rosso Mantegna marble at the fassades of the Microsoft West Campus
In Redmond, WA.