ROSSO MANTEGNA, a marble carrying all the warmth of the red color and an expression of richness, quarried by Pietro Zanella company in Soave, Italy

Rosso Mantegna marble.

Name of the stone: Rosso Mantegna

Stone type: marble

Color: red, with veins or dots of clear white

Quarry location: Soave, VR, Italy

Description of the stone: the Rosso Mantegna marble has a distinctive red tone which carries the warmth of a sunny day. The dots and veins in clear white give it a timeless elegance.

Peculiarities of the Stone: it has been quarried since Roman times and used in many villas or official buildings due to its expression of nobility, richness, and style.

Rosso Mantegna marble.Rosso Mantegna marble, hydro.

Application: inside and outside

Finishes: polished, leather, brushed, honed, hydro

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Piero Zanella company, founded in 1926, processes marble in a family tradition of passion for the material and skill in the work. Today, it uses high-technology equipment to meet the demands for highest the quality standards.

Contact: Piero Zanella, Viale dell’Industria, 13, 37038 Soave (VR) – Italy
Tel: (+39) 045 7610230
Fax: (+39) 045 7613487

Technical Data:

Rosso Mantegna marble at the fassades of the Microsoft West Campus in Redmond, WA.