Antolini’s Exclusive Collection: “Natural stone has the power to profoundly transform the kitchen space by adding character to a worktop or transforming it into an architectural surface“

Quartzite Fusion Wow “Dark”.Quartzite Fusion Wow “Dark”.

Italian company Antolini has sent us a press release:

The focal point of the home, the kitchen is the true heart of any domestic setting. It is the space that most fully reflects the everyday rhythms of its inhabitants. Large, small, minimalist or rational, open to the living room or separated from it as a concealed technical space, the kitchen conveys its exclusive character only when its surfaces are covered in a magnificent and unique material like natural stone.

Every year, different varieties of marble, quartz and quartzite enhance the Exclusive Collection, the curated, versatile Antolini portfolio. They represent the ideal aesthetic ingredient for an original, functional and unique kitchen, thanks to the exceptional presence of exotic materials from the most remote and uncontaminated regions of the world.

This is the main reason behind the increasingly frequent, well-informed choice of designers and consumers, who decide to decorate and furnish the home’s most lived-in space with these materials.

Quartzite Patagonia Original. Design: archidreamdesign, Andrea Da Dalt; by Perinot marmi.Quartzite Patagonia Original. Design: archidreamdesign, Andrea Da Dalt; by Perinot marmi.

The designs created by Mother Nature, in fact, are never repetitive, due to the patterns of the grain, the shadings of the colors, the ability to absorb and reflect light; each stone has its own story, its own voice that cannot be found anywhere else.

Natural stone’s presence has the power to profoundly transform the kitchen space: enhancing a wall, adding character to a worktop or an island, transforming a vertical surface into an architectural – and at the same time decorative – feature like a backlit panel, or redefining the entire volume of a room when utilized as flooring.

Quartzite Calacatta Brasil.

Antolini, with this selection of stones specifically aimed at an audience of architects and interior designers, as well as the producers and designers of kitchens, offers an opportunity to transform the kitchen environment into an exclusive and functional décor canvas thanks to their technologies developed over the years and created to protect natural stone, especially in settings of heavy use such as kitchens.

In 2022 was presented Azerocareplus, a treatment developed to protect the image and performance of marble counters with a matte finish, in home spaces that hold the highest risk of damages caused by an array of substances.

Azerocareplus represents a (R)evolution: the evolution, integration and development of the already revolutionary Azerocare process launched by Antolini in 2016.


Quartzite Cristallo Lumix.Quarzite Michelangelo. Photo courtesy of Marmor Center GmbH.Quarzite Michelangelo. Photo courtesy of Marmor Center GmbH.Marble Dalmata.Quarzite Elegant Brown.

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