Douglas Goshomi is a representative of a new generation of artists from Zimbabwe, who take up the traditions of the country, but go new ways

Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.

Natural stone is his material, because he finds it everywhere

Douglas Goshomi is a sculptor from Zimbabwe. He has it with the flowing forms, which, it seems to us when we look at some of his works, are in motion with energy. And, this too, cannot be overlooked: the colorful splendor of the polished stones gives his works a special touch.

He comes from the hinterland of Zimbabwe, which borders South Africa in the south of the continent. The country has a long tradition of stone buildings, such as the once-mighty Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo Province, now a massive ruined city. Likewise, it now has a vibrant scene of stone sculptors, some of whom have already found collectors abroad.

The Shona ethnic group is synonymous with artistic creativity and skill.

Douglas Goshomi came to art through fortunate circumstances, if we understood our question-and-answer game on Facebook correctly: he came from the village of Bikita in Masvingo to join his brother in the capital, Harare. There Colleen Madamombe employed him as an assistant. She had made a great name for herself as a sculptor, but died in 2009 at the age of only 45.

Douglas Goshomi makes a living from his art, as he writes. He sells his works mainly to collectors or dealers from Europe, the United States, the Far and Middle East, and occasionally to Africa.

Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.

He is as sober as a service provider when we ask him about his self-image as an artist: His works are supposed to “beautify“ the homes of the buyers, he writes, and bring them “happiness, love and unity.“

Conversely, he in turn finds the greatest satisfaction in his work. He calls it “magic“ that he can appeal to the “inner soul“ of the buyer.

For him, being an artist has a lot to do with spirituality: contemplating a work of art can relieve stress, for example, he writes.

And he finds the colors of the stones are also magical, “because they come from the Creator.“

Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.

Douglas Goshomi has his own workshop in Chitungwiza just outside Harare. He also has his showroom there. In the photos from there, you can also see a gravestone that he has designed – if a customer wants it, he will do that, too.

And he has also laid tiles, this on behalf of a subcontractor.

He is a member of the Zimbabwe Stone Sculptors Association. Currently, he wants to push his self-marketing to become more independent from galleries. Recently, he and colleagues attended a lecture on the subject at the U.S. Embassy. The speaker was sculptor Warren Archer.

Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.

Douglas Goshomi draws the inspiration for his abstract forms from the plant world. Here mentions especially the world under water. Mountains also give him ideas, as does the texture of raw stones.

How does he even come to the many types of stone that he has processed? “I can get stone everywhere in our villages,” he replies.

Douglas Goshomi is married and has a son and a daughter. His father was a small farmer. His brother is also an artist.

Douglas Goshomi
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Photos: Douglas Goshomi

Sculpture by Douglas Goshomi.Douglas Goshomi with one of his a sculptures.

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