Design with natural stone as part of Milan Design Week 2023 from April 17 to 26 (2)

Budri: “Aquarel“.

At the fair and in the city center, international companies and initiatives present their latest collection and projects

We show some of the presentations on the fairground and in the city center that have to do with natural stone.
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Budri: “Aquarel“.Italian company Budri is one of the world leaders in interior design and furnishings made of natural stone. In collaboration with designer Patricia Urquiola, it has been doing research on stone colors. This time the collection is called “Aquarel“: the classic Roman travertine is combined with white from Iran. The collection will be on display in the company’s showroom at Foro Buonaparte 60. Please book in advance.

Pimar: “Dialoghi Materici“.Pimar: “Dialoghi Materici“.“Dialoghi Materici“ (Material Dialogs) is what the Pimar company calls its presentation in Hall 1, Stand F12 on the fairground. The new collection of the designers AposPersano is exhibited using the Lecce limestone, quarried by the company in the south of Italy, with metal and light entering into a dialogue. In the Petralumina project, architect Stefano Chiocchini enhances the stone with photoluminescent resins to create a signal system.

Margraf: “Velata“. Margraf: “Ipogeo“ .“Velata“ (Veiled) is the title that industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto has given to his new collection together with the company Margraf. Both take the stone into a new era by processing it with CNC machines. Also on display at Margraf in Hall 10, Stand E08 are the new surfaces from the “Ipogeo“ (Living in the Earth) collection. The goal is to “create a sensory stimulation,“ according to the company’s webpage.

Antolini: “I Want it Wow“.In the showroom at Piazza Fontana, at the corner of via S. Clemente, next to the Duomo in the city center, Antolini company presents “I Want it Wow“: “a dialogue between the unconventional dynamism of Pietro Terzini’s street art and the innate beauty of natural stones,“ as said on the company webpage. The installation “with LEDs, inlays and artworks will astonish visitors, stimulating their senses, imagination and thoughts.“ Registration is requested.

5VIE Design Week, on∙entropy: “A Future to the Past“.For the 10time, the 5VIE Design Week takes place in Milan’s historical Centre between Corso Magenta, Sant’Ambrogio and Le Colonne di San Lorenzo. It presents examples of artistic and collectible design. The project “A Future to the Past“ in Via Cesare Correnti, 14, pays tribute to the heritage of the Tinos marble and the evolution of the craftsmanship on this Greek island. The Greek designer duo “on∙entropy“ tells this story, “intertwined with that of their family life, through the metaphor of the Temple, which historically has been the place where artists and craftsmen have expressed themselves, and which has preserved countless artistic artefacts over the centuries.“

Pietra Naturale Autentica (PNA): “We Are Nature“.Sustainability as a feature of natural stone is a key topic of the presentation “We Are Nature“ of Pietra Naturale Autentica (PNA), a network of stone quarriers and processors. In SuperStudio Più (Via Tortona, 27) at no. 17 is drawn a parallel between the uniqueness of each stone and that of the human body: they are unrepeatable and non-replicable in their diversity: “Around the LED wall cube are ten seats, made by the Network’s partner companies from various natural stones which will allow the visitors to see the infinite variety of colors and textures nature has to offer. A mirrored corridor within the space will enable the visitor to enjoy an immersive experience that is an integral and live element of the video.“

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