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MIA-Pinnacle-Awards: light and dark in a three-dimensional natural stone wall

(September 2013) The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has bestowed an award for design in slate on a Bangkok tenement wall

Pinnacle Awards: Houston’s Harris County Courthouse in Texas has been restored to its original marble glory

(September 2013) One of the Marble Institute of America’s honors went to the stone work in the „Southern Jewel”

Pinnacle Awards: Harris County Courthouse a Houston, Texas, ripristinato nel suo vecchio splendore

(Settembre 2013) I lavori in pietra naturale sul „Gioiello del Sud“ sono stati premiati con uno dei Pinnacle Awards del Marble Institute of America

Advertising the lasting value and beauty of granite and marble

(July 2013) Stone branch would be well advised to adapt their marketing strategy to modern times

Stone stories: Lots of real marble and fake limestone

(March 2013) New York City’s Grand Central Terminal is celebrating its 100th jubilee / a „Cathedral“ among public transport buildings

Architecture: Keeping positive energy flowing

(August 2012) The price of building with natural stone: a Feng-Shui-restaurant in Miami, a shop-house in Bangkok and company headquarters in India

Architecture: Bringing the canyon to the hotel

(May 2012) A Las Vegas luxury spa reconstructed a gorge in natural stone. But that’s not all: the spa also contains a Turkish bath, albeit in quartzite, not in marble

Architecture: Award-winning design formations from around the world

(February 2011) An overview of 2010 awards for building with natural stone. Our focus this time is on the U.S.A. Tucker Design Awards

Architecture: Awards for Building with Stone

(February 2009) Prizes for building with natural stone are an effective marketing instrument for the branch

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