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Art: 70 t Granite Seed

Peter Randall-Page’s latest work is a gargantuan granite sculpture

Design: Stone table-top with extension mechanism

(May 2008) Swivel-mechnism, by which the table’s extention-element can be lifted and swung into place

Design: Yo-Yo-shaped sink

(May 2008) Luca Scacchetti’s unusual bathroom-fixture is a sink designed for Rapsel and made of portuguese limestone

Fairs: two shows in Poland competing directly

(May 2008) New trade-fair in Poznan „Glass and stone“ will take place one week after the traditional „Kamien“ in Wroclaw

Fairs: Visiting guests Moneo and Chipperfield

(April 2008) Two famous architects will be attending this year’s congress on Natural Stone in Architecture

Fairs: Awards for Building in Natural Stone

(April 2008) This year’s CarraraMarmotec will place an even greater emphasis on design and architecture

Fairs: „Yes, we have marble“

(April 2008) Once again, a great variety of stones were displayed at the Victória trade show held in February 2008. But this time the emphasis was not on granite

Design: Stone benches in shapes of waves

(March 2008) Science center in Norway wants to attract school-children for visits and to stay

Markets: stable demand for countertops in USA

(March 2008) Business researcher forecast 1.3 percent annual growth until 2011

Design: Cobblestones in Slices

(March 2008) Floor coverings for in- and outside use produced out of thin cuts of paving stones

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