Art: Flow of the Stone Wall

(November 2009) British landscape architect produces unusual slate art in London’s City Centre

Art: Delicate Balance

(November 2009) Artist from USA stacks rocks and then watches them collapse

Art: Margheritas Marble Girdle

(October 2009) Italian artist captures warmth, tenderness, fragility and sensitivity in stone

Art: Cello for the fountain

(September 2009) French stonemason builds a fountain with musical instrument made of stone

Art: Photo-realism in stone

(August 2009) Artist from Bali produces sculptures in Asian and animal motifs

Art: XXL

(July 2009) Swedish artist Claes Hake is famous for his monumental granite sculptures

Art: Stone as a sole-experience

(June 2009) Spanish artist allows visitors to his exhibition walk barefoot over marble Macael and water

Art: Deep Insight in Minerals

(June 2009) British geologist makes stone glow and changes its appearance filtering image data

Art: „Lighthearted, harmonious and calm“

(May 2009) French sculptor lends stone shapes, close to nature

Art: It’s all heads

(April 2009) German sculptor lends a face to stone finds

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