Antolini: “The cladding for wall and floor is the decorative element that most and best characterizes the living room and creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere“

Bianco Lasa Fantastico, Flexwave Design.Bianco Lasa Fantastico, Flexwave Design.

Antolini wants to whet the appetite for natural stone with its staging of living spaces. The company, which has a worldwide name as a supplier of stones with exotic colors and structures, sent us the following press release and photos:

The living room can be considered the beating heart of the home, the room that captures all the moments of our daily life: where the children play, where we gather with friends and family, where we relax in front of a good book or a TV series. It therefore becomes important to create an atmosphere that facilitates this. This is where cladding comes in, the decorative element that most and best characterizes the living room and creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Thanks to the infinite nuances of Antolini’s natural stones, it is possible to satisfy all tastes and requirements.


Company Profile: Innovation, variety, vision, and quality are four words capable of defining the identity of Antolini, a historic Italian company recognized internationally for the production of natural stone cladding. The statistics confirm the choice and the value of these words. Today, Antolini offers more than 1,300 types of stone, divided into 14 collections, including the exemplary Exclusive Collection, which includes more than 85 exclusive stones. It produces 4,500 square meters of stone cladding per day, reaching one million over the course of a year.

Present in 182 countries, Antolini’s main production centers are in Italy and Brazil. It also has management centers and showrooms distributed around the world, a widespread and virtuous network that is coordinated and managed from the Italian headquarters.

Cristallo Azur.Cristallo Azur.

Antolini was founded in Verona by Luigi Antolini in 1956. The company is now led by the next generation, who continue to sustain the values of authenticity, excellence, and Made in Italy with an entrepreneurial spirit constantly engaged in the search for technological progress and evolution in terms of both products and design.


Photos: Antolini

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