Draenert now offers its “Nelly“ table also with a metal base

Draenert: Table “Nelly“ with metal base.

The piece of furniture with the natural stone top is one of the company’s bestsellers and was designed in 2001 by founder Dr. Peter Draenert

The Draenert production and manufacture in Immenstaad on Lake Constance has expanded its “Nelly“ table to include a version with a metal base. Previously, the piece of furniture was available only with a three- or four-wing base made of natural stone. Now the base consists of a steel column and a round metal base as a foot. The tabletop is still available in a variety of stone types.

Draenert: Table “Nelly“ with metal base.Draenert: The table with three-wing base made of natural stone. In this variant, the rotating piece is integrated into the top. The name of the table is then “Tadao“.

“Nelly“ is one of the company’s bestsellers. Draenert specializes in timeless, high-end tables as well as chairs and bar stools. The furniture was designed in 2001 by the company’s founder Dr. Peter Draenert (1937-2005). His career path was very unusual: He studied philosophy, art history, German language and literature and psychology, wrote his doctoral thesis on the poet Friedrich Hölderlin and only by chance came to the natural stones and furniture design.

As a complement, there is still the top piece made of wood, which can be rotated.

In addition to the furniture for everyday use, Draenert also has an art edition. Here the designers have a playground for unusual ideas, some of which are now considered signs of their time and have made it to the museums of the world.


Curriculum Vitae Dr. Peter Draenert

(06.10.2021, USA: 10.06.2021)