PEDRA CARIRI, a limestone from Brazil’s Nordeste close to the Equator, with a name based on native languages

Pedra Cariri.Pedra Cariri.

Name of the stone: Pedra Cariri (Cariri Stone)

Stone type: limestone

Color: bright yellow, brown, blueish grey

Quarry location: in the Araripe mountains, at the frontier between the states of Ceará and Pernambuco

Pedra Cariri.Pedra Cariri.

Description of the stone: the stone has been used for generations mainly for flooring or construction. It has little weight and hardness (4-5 on the Mohs scale). Being a sedimentary rock with distinct layers, it can be easily split by hand into tiles. In the past, sellers put together the tiles according to their thickness. Today also calibrated tiles are available.

Peculiarities of the Stone: The stone is often used for the edges of swimming pools as it keeps a fresh temperature even in the greatest heat. Nowadays, designers use it for tables, banks, and even jewelry. Depending on the deposit, the surface may bear decorative structures created by fossils. The nearby Unesco-Geopark Araripe is one of the world’s riched fossil sites. The name Cariri refers to an indigenous language family once spoken in this region of Brazil.

Pedra Cariri.

Application: inside and outside

Finishes: split

Frost resistant: No

Company: The stone is quarried by many companies in the Nova Olinda region. One is Dois Irmãos, a family business run by Mr. Eluzio Neto.

Contact: Dois Irmãos, A. Perimetral Sul, 1000, Nova Olinda – CE,
Tel: +55 88 9 9739-4025

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