“Fusion 2” gets together sculptors from around the world plus marble and wood as materials

The artists in Hong Kong. From left: Yueng Leung Ho, Violet Shum, Yaman Chau, Danny Lee, Margaret Chu.The artists in Seravezza. From left: Francesca Bernardini, Lorenzo Vignoli, Aurélien Boussin, Fusion 1 curator Silvia Vannacci, Jacob Cartwright, Flavia Robalo.

Arkad Foundation sent us the following press release about the second part of its “Fusion” project bringing together sculptors from around the world:

Arkad Foundation of Seravezza in Italy and Asia Society Hong Kong Center are proud to announce the Fusion 2 Exhibition onsite in Hong Kong at Asia Society from 14 March to 25 June 2023.

This exceptional exhibition is the result of the Fusion project, which Arkad Foundation promoted for the last two years, involving 10 talented young artists, from different parts of the world. Five are from Hong Kong: Danny Lee, Margaret Chu, Yuen Leung Ho, Violet Shum and Yaman Chau. The other five who lived and work in Italy, are of different nationalities: Francesca Bernardini (Italy), Aurélien Boussin (France), Jacob Cartwright (Australia), Flavia Robalo (Argentina), and Lorenzo Vignoli (Italy).

Lorenzo Vignoli and Yaman Chau, Fenice, 2023, marble and wood, 36x34x34cm.

The project emphasized the concept of “Fusion” specifically in integrating marble and wood. Sculptors in Italy worked in marble while sculptors in Hong Kong worked in wood. The artists were able to choose their preferred collaborative partners. This combination ignited an intimate dialogue between them through artistic expression. The Fusion represents a union of artistic sensitivity and inspiration.

Violet Shum and Flavia Robalo, Found, 2023, statuary marble and camphor wood, 34x30x16,5cm.

The artists worked not only on their own sculptures but also on their partners’. The Fusion sculptures are therefore the result of an unprecedented collaboration between artists who, with humility and enthusiasm, have accepted to place their own creations in the hands of another artist they have never met. We are proud of these 10 artists who accepted the challenge and have created incredibly unique works.

Danny Lee and Francesca Bernardini, Encounter, 2023, marble and teak wood, 30x11x27cm.

In December 2021, the first phase of Fusion 1 Exhibition took place in two prestigious locations. The Arkad Foundation in Seravezza, Italy, hosted five sculptures, and the Visual Art Centre in Hong Kong, hosted the other five collaborative sculptures.

Aurélien Boussin and Margaret Chu, A dance for the moon, 2023, Acquabianca marble and wood, 23x20x33cm.

The Fusion 2 Exhibition brings together all 10 sculptures created as part of Fusion 1. In addition, 20 new smaller sculptures using marble and wood by the same artists, will also be exhibited. This will be the first time the artists will meet their collaborative partners in Hong Kong.

Yuen Leung Ho and Jacob Cartwright, Reinforcement, 2013, marble and wood, 30x28x52cm.

Arkad Foundation (Italy) is a non-profit Foundation, founded in 2002 by Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux. to create an intercultural center designed to promote artistic projects, help artists create works of art, promote and spread culture, especially sculptural artworks, organize professional training, and welcome artists. The Foundation is housed within the structures of the ARTCO Studio, in the historic marble cutting factory adjacent to the Medici Palace of Seravezza, located between the Apuan Alps and the Versilia plain. The purpose of the Foundation is to organize exhibitions and events, assist artists, transmit technical knowledge, encourage the encounter of artistic experiences in the broad field of contemporary art and connect internal activities with the main local and international artistic events. Annual memberships support the maintenance of the structure and the promotion of the activities organized by the Foundation. Sponsors also support the development of the Arkad Foundation’s activities.

The Fusion 1 exhibition at the Visual Art Center in Hong Kong.The Fusion 1 exhibition at the ARKAD Foundation in Seravezza.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK) is an independent non-governmental educational organization established in 1990 by a group of Hong Kong community leaders led by Sir Quo-wei Lee, then Chairman of Hang Seng Bank. It is one of 14 centers of Asia Society’s diverse network across the globe, with the mission to navigate shared futures for Asia and the world in the fields of arts and culture, business and policy. Since 2012, ASHK is situated at the Former Explosives Magazine of the Victoria Barracks, a site steeped in history, cultural significance and natural beauty. The 1.3 hectares site, housing four former British military buildings, was built by the British Army in the mid-19th century for explosives and ammunition production and storage. Through conservation, restoration and adaptive reuse, the heritage site has been transformed into a cultural and intellectual hub, combining heritage preservation with a distinct modern aesthetic complete with world-class performance and conference facilities that offer a broad range of arts and culture, business and policy programs, and exhibitions to the community. ASHK was established entirely with local funding and is supported through membership dues, fundraising events, and contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations that support and advance its mission.

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