China’s foreign trade slumped significantly in January-February 2020 compared to the year before

Imports and exports fell on average by (-)17.2% / With ASEAN countries being the most important trade partners, however, there was a slight increase

Italian ceramic producer FMG launches new collection „Blast” emulating volcanic rock

The tiles are available in 5 colors (Ash, Black, Beige, Brown and Gray) and in 3 finishes (Natural, Polished, Structured)

Computer model: Mars’ core-mantle boundary lies at some 1,800 km beneath the surface (Earth: 2,900 km)

The Red Planet’s innermost part is only about one-sixth of its mass (Earth: one-third) and contains moderate amounts of sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen

Call for artists for the 27th International Sculpture Symposium in Sprimont, Belgium

Event from August 14 – 30, venue in the Wallonia region / No royalty, but free food, accommodation and chance to sell the work

France’s Natural Stone Award „Building with natural stone in the 21st century” again showed numerous innovative ideas

There is no prize money to be won, which probably is why the number of entries is low (but the quality high), this time 22

Why Anorthosite consists of only one mineral and how the white-colored layers in many intrusions worldwide were created

Scientists at Wits University in Johannesburg say it is the decompression that causes plagioclase-saturation of rising magma