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The limestone floor tiles bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to a terrace

The Spanish company Rosalstones offers its limestone Abadía Rosal with a hand-aged surface

Until February 25, 2021: Submissions open for the 4th Desert Sculpture International Symposium in Minqin, China

This year’s theme is “The Sound of Camels on the Silk Road” / The 20-30 finally selected artists do only enter a model of their work, the realization will be done by local specialist

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Corona masks are the latest product made of the “MARM \ MORE” material, an innnovative textile consisting of more than 50% marble powder

Residencies for people who want to work about the Mediterranean as an archive of European culture

What: residencies for creative teams (preferably 3 people) taking place for two weeks at the in Calabria, Italy, around the end of May 2021

Love, peace, and prosperity for 2021 wishes its readers and clients a happy and prosperous New Year

“Global Wealth Migration Review“: New Zealand could become a preferred destination for the rich and super-rich in the next 10 years

As a result of Corona, market researchers from South Africa and Afrasia Bank expect less international tourism and fewer foreign guests in luxury hotels

Using the natural oscillation of the 2592-meter-high Hochvogel peak in Austria to “hear“ how the rock becomes unstable

Similar to a more or less taut violin string, the pitch of the mountain also changes depending on the tension in the rock

Showroom for watches with echoes of the film worlds of Stanley Kubrick

The studio for interior design atelier tao+c designed a store for the young brand “Momic” in the megacity Hangzhou in China

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