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Peter’s Corner: the new start after Covid-19, which Marmomac wants to give companies with its “Re-Start” Project, could be more than just back to business as usual

Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of, believes that the industry must take environmental aspects more seriously and redefine luxury

Call for the creation of a dry stone landscape work in the territory of the Gorges du Gardon Biosphere Reserve in Southern France

International architects may enter the contest (only in French) / € 55,000 for the realization of the winner’s idea

Scientists provide an explanation for the strange asymmetry between the moon’s near and far side

The clues are linked to an important property of KREEP, a type of rock signature known on Earth only from moon-meteorites

New from Promemoria: lamps by designer Romeo Sozzi from 2013

In Corona-times, the Italian company with the motto “Beyond Luxury” has relaunched an ancient collection

Designer Raffaello Galiotto and the Margraf company give a marble facade the appearance of a curtain

The 350 individual elements can be produced and mounted on the wall in natural stone more cost-effectively than in other materials

Two Union Square high-rise in Seattle: the stone wall shows the elemental forces of nature

The architects of NBBJ have decorated the lobby with a fantastic work of art / Picco Engineering provided the planning for the cutting and installation of the elements

Archaeologists discover a massive circle of prehistoric shafts near Stonehenge

It is believed that the entire arrangement was meant to guide people towards the religious sites and to warn others not to cross the boundary

First comprehensive map of rockfalls on the moon

Also on our cosmic neighbor boulders or blocks of stone travel downslope, but mostly as a result of impacts of asteroids

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