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“Karst Gem“ is the name design studio alcarol gave its new side table. It is made of a boulder of karst rock embedded in a mold of crystal-clear resin

Italian sculptor Emanuela Camacci makes new works of art from the stone chips that fall off her large sculptures

But she does not adorn herself with current buzzwords like recycling or circular economy

Stone age artists carved detailed human and animal tracks in rock art in Namibia

Indigenous trackers could identify the prints’ species, sex and age for 90% of analyzed engravings

Remnants of amethyst, jasper, agate, and quartz for light sources

Alfonso Martinez Brianza, product designer from Uruguay, finds uses for residues of semi-precious stones

Los Angeles LACMA exhibition “Eternal Medium: Seeing the World in Stone“ through February 11, 2024

The show brings together art pieces that utilize the colors, veins and other natural features of stones

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