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The Friedenskirche (Peace Church) in Potsdam’s Park Sanssouci is an example for Europe’s 19th century’s love for Italian architecture

Far in the future: the East African Rift System will break apart, with Madagascar splitting into pieces

The breakup with a speed of around 3 millimeters per year is a continuation of the shattering of supercontinent Pangea some 200 million years ago

Finally, a breakthrough in natural stone design also in the West, and it comes from the Aegean Association EIB, Turkey

The competition for students and professionals did not lead to exaggerated and fancy art objects, but rather to small objects you could imagine in your own daily life

Atlas of more than 200 impact craters on Earth with topographic maps and satellite images

Photos originate from the radar scans of the Earth‘s surface during the TanDEM-X mission from 2010 to 2016

In the Fürst & Friedrich office and commercial building in Düsseldorf in Germany, the new building embraces the old one

The property has thus been given a “unique selling proposition”, with a façade designed with many details in natural stone

New mineral, named donwilhelmsite, discovered in meteorite originating from the moon

Its formation under extreme heat and pressure allows conclusions about the conditions deep inside the Earth

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