KILKENNY BLUE LIMESTONE from Irish-owned McKeon Stone, Stradbally, Ireland

Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone: honed.Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone: flamed.

Name of the stone: Kilkenny Blue Limestone

Type of stone: limestone

Color: It can be worked to provide colors that range from light grey to blue-grey to dark black.

Texture: the stone’s surface textures range from silky smooth to positively aggressive.

Quarry location: Kilaree Lane, Threecastles, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone.

Qualities of the stone/description: Irish Blue Limestone began in thick deposits of lime mud on the seafloor of a paleocontinent in the Southern hemisphere during the Carboniferous era 330 million years ago. The land moved North while the relentless increase of sediment thickness caused the water to be squeezed out of the mud. Our Kilkenny Blue Limestone’s physical properties reflect these conditions: The deeper water deposits became fine-grained darker limestones often with prominent white brachiopods. The shallower water deposits became the paler blue crystalline limestone with the crinoid stems. Occasionally coral colonies form distinctive masses in the limestone. Our skill is to match the subtle variations in the stone beds to the customer’s requirements so that the finest material is supplied for every project.

Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone.

Application: building, cladding, flooring, slabs, monuments, artist works

Finishes: various (see gallery)

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: McKeon Stone is the only remaining Irish-owned and managed dimensional Limestone quarry on the island of Ireland. Since 1950, it has been supplying Irish limestone stone products to the Irish and European markets. The skylines of Dublin, Cork, Galway or Brussels, Amsterdam, and London testify to the enduring character and versatility of our stone. In our quarry in Threecastles, Co Kilkenny we use world-class quarrying technology. At our stone factory in Stradbally, Co Laois we cut and craft the stone to each customer’s unique designs.

Contact: McKeon Stone, Brockley Park, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland, R32 XH52
Tel: +353 (0)57 8625 151,

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Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone.Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone.Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone.Kilkenny Blue Limestone from McKeon Stone.McKeon Stone's logo.

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